Draggable thumbnails

On the “Works” archive page, Green Tiger adds an extra layer of fun allowing visitors to click and drag the thumbnails around. When the visitor clicks on an image, the works post will display the images in order, maximising the use of the central area of the screen and automatically creating a slideshow (that is prompted whenever the user clicks on one of the images).

If the user’s work is more image based, Green Tiger offers a “Works” backend panel to upload the images into different Work posts. We suggest Works’ images to be 1200px wide for a good compromise between resolution and loading speed. The Works’ thumbnails are then used to create an archive page that randomly positions the images/links to the different works; like this: (http://www.yourdomain.com/works).

If the user’s work is text heavy, Green Tiger uses the classic “Post” panel. By adding a new post, the them will display the content in three, two or one column, depending on the browser window size. The user can of course place images along the flow of the text to illustrate the narrative but these images will always adopt an encyclopedic look, where the image are resized to fit the columns. In the end the “Posts” will have the same appearance as this post.

Other goodies:

If you are into JavascriPt you would be pleased to know that Green Tiger also integrates the following Javascript/JQuery libraries:

Buy here.

Green Tiger comes with its own documentation providing clear instructions on how to set up the posts, works, pages and menus.

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