Fully responsive


Green Tiger responsive layout demonstration

Green Tiger will try to organize your Posts according to the screen’s width. On mobile devices and small tablets Green Tiger will generate a one column layout. If you are on a laptop or desktop, go ahead and resize your browser’s width to see how the content flows from one column to two columns (until three columns in bigger screens). Green Tiger is optimised for the more than 98% of the smartphones and tablet on the market, so chances are the look will be the same for all your visitors.

Four Corners Menu on any device

Green Tiger’s four corner navigation menu will immediately set your website apart from the all the other websites with a top header. The first four menu-items (two on the header and two on the footer) are prioritarily positioned on the corners allowing a clean scroll through the content and giving Green Tiger a unique navigation approach. You have add more or less than four menu-items and Green Tiger will automatically spread them along the header and the footer.